Frequent questions
on forged pistons
Pistal Racing

The metal alloys most used for the production of pistons are the aluminum alloy 2618 (Al-Cu ex RR58) and steel alloys.

The blanks are made by forging and heat treated in order to enhance their mechanical characteristics.

No. Steel pistons can be also produced.

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Yes. Pistons are normally supplied with a solid state lubricating coating, polymerized directly on the piston skirt (see Download Area – piston product sheet). When requested, the piston could be made without anti-friction protection.
Official accessories are piston pins, rings and circlips (piston pin retaining rings). It is recommended to mount only the accessories supplied with the piston. Technical details and assembly instructions can be downloaded from the Download Area.
In absence of specific customer request sent to the Technical Department, this activity is not recommended because the geometric characteristics of the piston are designed to correctly withstand thermodynamic stresses sized in the design phase. If the piston is modified by unauthorized personal, Pistal Racing will no longer be held responsible for any future damage.
Yes. Each piston is marked with a code and it is possible to know the production year and the batch. Pistons are also progressively numbered, so it is also possible to trace the measurement check list (data sheets with the measurements are kept for 5 years). Piston accessories are generally not marked according with a proprietary code, except of piston pins which show a laser marking of the production batch of the piston pin itself.

Fitting the rings with the correct gap is important to avoid blow-by problems. Pistal Racing has defined a correlation table, according to the rings diameters, defining the correct gap during assembly (see Download Area).

Pistal Racing pistons are already designed taking into account the correct clearance that will be created between the piston and the cylinder during the assembly. The original Pistal Racing piston box is equipped with a product identification label; it always shows the wording “piston for cylinder diameter XXX mm”.

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