Forged piston
manufacturing process

Forged piston
manufacturing process

Every piston starts with a design stage. We work with customers to modify stock pistons designs, to meet a specific customer’s requirement and to achieve better performance. Our wide line of forged blanks represents a starting point for every piston kit. It is also possible to make a sample from a forged billet.

Weight reduction is always an important goal: we work to optimize the machining of the internal part to ensure a uniform thickness under the piston.

Each piston is finished to remove any burrs or small imperfections.

All pistons are identified with the production year, batch number and progressive number as a reference for future orders or technical support.

Pistons are coated on the skirt with solid lubricant.

Pistons can be treated with anodizing or thermal barriers both on the crown and on the ring grooves.
Pins can be requested with DLC treatment.

diamantatura di precisione e rivestimento lubrificante solido

arrotondamento lavorazione sedi valvole e testa

cava di accumulo

rigature antidetonazione e riduzione contatti

fresature interne 3D di alleggerimento

centraggio di precisione e alleggerimento mantello

profilatura base mozzo spinotto